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Ambe Steels P. Ltd. was established in September 2009 in Lumbini zone at Gonaha VDC, nearby Bhairahawa city. It has been set up to manufacture TMT steel bars as well as other steel products using HSE Gmbh Thermex technology of Germany. Ambe Group was incorporated in 1975 AD with the sole aim of providing quality products in the market. The group of initiated and envisioned by a strong team of entrepreneurs has progressed continually since its initiation. Due to the overwhelming response for our OPC/PPC Grade Ambe Cements from our valued customer we have been prompted to establish TMT Bar mill in Nepal. We have been constantly diversifying our activities by implementing state-of-the-art technology with the best effort from our experienced staffs.


TMT is an acronym for the phrase "Thermo-Mechanical Treatment". During the last few years the civil engineering sector has increased its demand for low cost reinforcing steel bars with a guaranteed yield point of 500N/mm2. This demand was a result of standard specifications of all developed industrial countries. The use of such grade high strength rebar reduces civil construction cost because of:

  • Saving in reinforcement
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Easy processing due to high unsure ability
  • The development of the patented thermex cooling system is an in-line process and the high strength Thermex rebars are ready for dispatch to the customer almost immediately after rolling is complete unlike the case of CTD rebar which takes a few days & results in large inventory levels in the plant.

  • Chandragiri Hardware Center Thankot, Kathmandu
  • Amit Hardware Center Sitapaili,
  • Adhikari Hardware Center Kalanki, Kathmandu

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Vastu is a science which capitalizes on the concept of prosperity. It links person’s health and happiness directly with layouts and construction of a building. The best time to start paying attention to Vastu would be when you are constructing your house. Vastu specifies certain rules about constructing the building which can be naturally implemented only at the time of construction. Vastu is a huge subject dealing with all the nooks and crannies of harnessing positive energy inside the building and in our lives. 

Home Building Tips

In this generation people have different choice and styles to live. Building a house people have different ideas. House should be safe to live. Due to poor design and construction houses are collapsing. Building a home is a huge investment, it can be one of the most stressful thing you'll ever do. Here are a few ideas for you if you’re thinking of – or just about to build – a new home: 1. Make a Pinterest board and file all of your images in there. 2. Ask your builder if you’re allowed to add/change things during the process. 3. Make a non-negotiable list. 4. Don’t be in a rush to finalise your plans. Get an electrical plan. 5. Think about the direction your home is facing – north, south, west? 6. Get familiar with using a spreadsheet on your computer. 7. Stick to similar fittings throughout your entire home. 8. Have some cash up your sleeve. 9. Don’t back down and settle. 10. Read every last detail of that contract before you sign it.

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  • Friday 28th December,2018Griha Pravesh,Saptami, Time:7:30 AM
  • Monday 17th December,2018Griha Pravesh,Dashami, Time:7:30 AM
  • Friday 09th November,2018Griha Pravesh,Dwitiya, Time:6:30 AM
  • Thursday 08th November,2018Griha Pravesh,Dwitiya, Time:9:30 PM
  • Tuesday 18th September,2018Griha Pravesh,Saptami Tithi, Time:1:30 AM
  • Saturday 08th September,2018Bhoomi Puja,chaturdashi, Time:12:30 AM

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